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Sailor Moon Crystal

Sat Jul 5, 2014, 10:53 AM

 I just saw it, one word disappointing. At least for me, you do not have to kill me if you have different opinion XD
Well, I do not really understand why they spent money for this. The animation was pretty lame, plain and 
 irreconcilable sometimes. But seriously, what about with the anatomy ? What happened ex. with their hands ? And faces ? Usagi's design (and everyone else's ) looks creepy. She is pretty in the manga, well she isn't in this new anime. And those empty eyes, for me their eyes are the most annoying. Usagi has gorgeous eyes, full with life on Miss Naoko's artworks. But the most disappointing scenes were her transformation. 3D, CGI or what was that  technique ?  Even the original transformation scenes looked better from 1992 XDD 
Thought the backgrounds and colors are pretty nice in it. But over all the whole thing has this cheap feeling, and if someone will say "that's 'cause it's in the manga's design" then I'll scream XD. It's nothing to do with the manga, especially not it's style. It's looks completely different from the manga ! Just see it: !
 And then I still did not say a word about the new opening music, it was unmemorable and weak. Why didn't they just keep the Moonlight Densetsu ? Someone could re-sing it and that's all. I do not like this song, but the ending song was nice. And the stills between the commercials are great too ^^ Oh, and they messed the color of Luna's eyes again XD She originally has blue eyes !

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Friend in need

Sun Jun 29, 2014, 10:31 AM

Hello guys, quick announcement RikkiArosa is opened a commission, if you have time, money and an idea for a picture check her commission infos and her gallery ^^ 
Have a nice Sunday afternoon :heart:

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Sun Jun 22, 2014, 3:46 AM

Omg, I saw the How to train your dragon 2 movie :33 And it was so amazing ! ! If you did not see it yet then go ahead, such an amazing movie ! (thought not as amazing as the first one was, but still pretty great ! <3 ) I loved the animation and the score, if this movie won't win and Oscar then I'll be pretty mad XD There were a lot of parallels in it, and their personalities are close to the first movie and the series. You can recognize everyone through their personalities and I loved this :3
But for me the music was the most beautiful, John Powell did an awesome job ! And Jónsi's Where no one goes is great too! :heart: Now I can't wait to see the 3rd movie XDD

Here is some awesome fanart !

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 by andrework 
Sunshine and Dragons by Dreamsoffools 
Digital Painting - Through All My Sorrow (HTTYD 2) by Aty-S-Behsam 
Cloudjumper and Toothless by Lichtdrache 
Astrid by sheepSkeleton 
"Braver then 'Brave' , more fun than 'Frozen' . The mother of all animated sequels." 
~ Peter Debruge, Variety

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Birthday Wishes

Sat Jun 14, 2014, 11:16 AM

Hi, finally I'm at home again :3 I had a lots of work during this week but know I'll have some free time for drawing again ! Yaay XD First of all I'd like to thank you for all the adorable Birthday Wishes <3 You guys are really awesome ! ! Thank you so so much :heart:

Thank you for the awesome presents !

Birthday Luna by CatsCat112 Happy Birthday Tiffany by WilliamJCovello Birthday Card for Selinmarsou by Sailmaster-Seion 

Here is a little feature 'cause I really really grateful :3

The Best Friends by Fluttershy1982 Flowers by witchhunttress purple and yellow by Abbiee1211 

Snow White: Fairy of the Apple Blossom by teamleochibigirl MLP:FIM OC - Mystic Magic. Uncolored by Yukina-Snowbunny Amaryllis by emitis17 My Bow by Marikokitty
Azure Glass by Lakword Maleficent by OpalPastal Scarlette McNeile by TheQueenOfFairies Disney gals by salemcattish

The Lady Cameo by Ailill90 Sparkles by NightmareLunaFan Sonic and Amy - paper style by JacobMainland Meet Rarity by MangekyouGod

Steampunk pony - OPEN! by XMireille-chanX Sweet Pup by Real-BlackStar Pocahontas~ by marikadaa Balloons by Beatena Mulan in magnolia dress by A-KTheLittleFairy
The Green Ranger meets Pinkie Pie... Kinda by VoltronZ1 After the fight by Corimii Pinkie Rainbow by SwanLullaby Frozen Chibis by Princess-Estrella

Flopsy Cheetah by WilliamJCovello Peachy Blu Love by BluTiger07 Midnight Breeze - Hugs? by VickyCupcake Rainbow Power Jade by Thunderhawk03 Faraway Mysteries by TwilightIsMagic
Flower-Lilly by AnneMarie1986  Lady Serenity by Narusailor <da:thumb id="459191692"/> Roses by MiniSteveK Apprehensive Ariel by DazedDaisiesO-o 

LOTTIE by kisshulove9 Princess by twilightsparkle09012 Kingdom Valley Slice! by NitroDragonTrigger More Like a Sister ((For Dani)) by WottaGal0505

Frozen signature by Paulysa Sunrise by ColorCoatedArt You'll Play Your Part by DigitalCyn

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Happy Easter :3

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 12:22 AM

1 by Xenys
The Ever Young by ekukanova

Scarlet Carpet by rsharts
Rabbit's Garden by bridge-troll
Family by ApplePoo Spring melody... by O-l-i-v-i Belle with Roses by AlineMendes 
Chocolate Nibbles by parochena Teacup Bunny by parochena 
Cute Bunny :3 by Fumuu 
Photo Oppotunity! by raseinn 
Spring! by marezon-m 
Bambi and Thumper Coloring Page by MistyTang 
Tulips by PassionAndTheCamera someday... by justerZ 
Safe with mama by Morgan-Lou little wild duck ''Ida'' by Partridge-PetPics 
Little Wonders... by CigarsCigarettes 
Awaiting Spring by CigarsCigarettes 
Bunny ... by aoao2 

Bunny in a basket by aoao2 
" Wishing you joy, happiness, peace and love this Easter and hereafter!"
Happy Easter for Everyone! :3

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Easter ponies by selinmarsou 

Help Please :3

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 9:33 AM

I would love to see these new SM manga covers in HQ!!…

Especially that Serenity&Endymion one :333 Looks so gorgeous!! Please help <33

christmas Eve

Mon Dec 23, 2013, 9:16 AM

Yaaay, for Christmas again :la: :xmas: I really can't wait this Christmas, I bought a lots of great presents, baked cookies and desserts and almost finished my Holiday picture with the Disney Princesses :heart:

Hope you guys will have a wonderful Holiday and New Year too! :xmas: :love: Thank you for watching me and supporting my works! Really means a lot! :heart: :xmas:


Christmas Cheer by SarasotaTim

102109 by kristianna11 Merry Christmas :D by BestDay 
605 by Nigrita
the night before Christmas by twisted-wind  merry christmas to you by darkmello
Merry Christmas.. by dzika-koala
Mistletoe by NaBHaN
Christmas Tree by DreAminginDigITal
Christmas by 6Artificial6

page divider by lithiumharddrive

New - Selin Christmas ID by selinmarsou 

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time. &nbsp;~Laura Ingalls Wilder

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candels for every Souls

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 9:07 AM
All Saints Day feature

We are no more than candles burning in the wind by BlueColoursOfNature 
Ceremony Candles by neuro-riviera  Candles by Kerly91  Melted Candles by skypho 
Crying your heart out by NanaBleedsStars 
Light One Small Candle by MeSHa3eL 
candles by InanimateSickBoy candles by ForkBreaker 
In the Shape of Love 2 by Darkness-in-the-lens 
candles by Gullinka  the candles by tsoube 
Candles by margaretaseewald 
Church Candles by Athanase 
  Candles by cookie41 
Candles by Abraham-Alghanem 
Makha Bucha candles by Eloren 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, 
the things you are, 
the things you never want to lose." 


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 31, 2013, 1:50 PM
Pumpkin Divider by PhoebeRose Pumpkin Divider by PhoebeRose Pumpkin Divider by PhoebeRose

teamwork by Apofiss 
Halloween  cat by AuroraWienhold Find the pumpkins! by AuroraWienhold 
The ghostly galleon by pixierosie 
Sitting Pumpkin by MurphyL6 
TMNT: Happy Halloween 2011 by NamiAngel  Halloween Pinkie Pie by SouthParkTaoist
Happy Halloween 12 by StressedJenny    Halloween Mansion by jerry8448
two Pumpkins for the contest: Capture your Pumpkin by calicocat123  

Beware by rosaarvensis  Happy Halloween by StressedJenny 

Halloween Sweets by DAV-19 
Halloween by Sidxartxa

Happy Halloween  :iconpumpkinplz:

a Royal 'trick or treat' by selinmarsou

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Image from

beautiful Autumn

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 23, 2013, 7:53 AM

Autumn arrivals by lieveheersbeestje

Podzim 2013 III by tomsumartin

Wordless giant by Lumpy2  the forest scene by chirilas  Sunshine and leaves by Dipliner  

Daydreaming the path I meet you... by borda 

Unknown Germany pt. XXXVI by TheChosenPesssimist  Out Of The Woods by valiunic 

Perfect Autumn by xOronar  Candy is dreaming by Sapphire-Melles 

Tea and Books by Like-A-Kitty

Walk With Me by MikeShawPhotography  Pans Residence by LarsVanDeGoor 


There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in it's sky,which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!  ~  P. B. Shelley

Favorites from June

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 30, 2013, 7:33 AM

Jillian Aversa - Lost World by AuroraWienhold
Tseumpfeuh de Pompadour by HollyBell Little Jasmine by Chansey123 Scattering Stars by Qinni
For the child within you by Andrea-Deah
Summer feelings by lieveheersbeestje Tall like mom by Morgan-Lou
InuKag - Since Then by Cati-Art Applejack by DragginCat
Playing my light with Princesses by AlineMendes Princess Calla full body by Meeeri
Tough by trenchmaker curious adventure IV by Apofiss
Talia's Wardrobe by DimitriKJr
Luna And Celestia At The Beach by KP-ShadowSquirrel

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Sissi in her Famous Diamond Star dress by selinmarsou Family Picnic by selinmarsou Pocahontas and John Smith - Reunion by selinmarsou

"Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly." ~ P. Neruda

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Hey, LOK fans

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 11, 2013, 12:06 AM

Did you guys remember my fanart of Korra ----> Republic City's swimsuit fashion by selinmarsou
if yes then take a look at this ----> Colossalcon '13 - I'm the Avatar by FushichoCosplay :la:
FushichoCosplay made a cosplay from my swimsuit design :la: Greatest thing ever! :love:

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Favorites from May

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 1, 2013, 2:50 AM

A Place in The Sun by MyLifeThroughTheLens
The Golden Yard by Naschi Plot Twist by Inebriantia Vulcan Princess (Video Making of in description) by Katikut
Where the sun sleeps by berg77
Princess Perks by matthoworth
Queen Elsa by Shimakotodo Rainbow Dash by meownyo
Candy dressing traditional kimono furisode by Suki-Manga Fluttershy by fleebites
Untitled by Lilian-hime Cinderella 2 by LadyGiselle
polar owl by Apofiss Will you still love me when...? by ffnana
Purple Haze by bwaworga
New day by Morgan-Lou

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Empresses of Heavens and Oceans by selinmarsou m o t h e r by selinmarsou May by selinmarsou

"Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly." ~ P. Neruda

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Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 2:10 AM
I was tagged by sunchild22

If you are tagged, you must post these rules:

1.) Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
2.) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create
eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your
4.) Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

5 Things About Me:

1.)I adore Nicolas Cage and his movies :3
2.)I love to do more the coloring on a picture than the line work.
3.)I'm a huge fan of the musicals.
4.)The baking is one of my biggest passion, I love baking.
5.) I'd love to live between 1890 and 1930. It was a great era.

Questions From my Tagger:

1.) What is the colour of your hair and have you ever dyed it?
      A: Blond and no I always was blond :3
2.) How do you feel about Star Wars in a sentence?
     A: Love all of the Star Wars movies!!!
3.) What is your favourite book?
      A: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
4.) What's a song you feel you can really relate to?
      A:Hmm, good question XD Maybe the 'Who wants to live forever' by Queen
5.) Have ever ridden any form of live animal?
      A: Yep, on a horse, and it's one of the greatest thing on the world :D
6.) Favourite season?
      A: Autumn
7.)  If you could be a character from a cartoon show or anime, who would you be?
      A: Princess Jasmine :3
8.) Who is your celebritity crush?
      A: Maybe Kimi Räikkönen, I adore him since he joined to the Formula1. and I also love Simon Baker <3
9.)  What is your most beloved genre of music?
      A: I love every kind of music if the music is good. (exception is the rap and R&B I can't stand these styles)
10.) What is one of your worst pet peeves?
      A: When my dogs dig their bones into my flower garden >.< Pretty annoying!

That's all :love:

Awesome drawing skill

Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 11:55 AM
I was speechless when I saw this video…
Seriously she is awesome, those details are crazy XD I'd like to draw like her....

SM anime 2013

Journal Entry: Tue May 14, 2013, 4:02 AM
The new Sailor Moon anime delayed until Summer 2014 or maybe ....they won't do new SM anime at all ? More info? Anyone?

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*~ Pony Gala Gown Point Commissions are closed! ~*

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 11:37 AM
So, since I finished my Gala Gown collection and I loved to do it, I decided that I'll open point commissions for OC Pony Gala Gowns :333 And you guys have a lots of beautifully designed OC ponies so If they need a Gala Dress then note me ^^ Important I only do mare dresses!

Price: 500 -600 points :points: (depends on the design)


Gala Fashion 2013 - Cadence by selinmarsou Gala Fashion 2012 - Fluttershy by selinmarsou Gala Fashion 2013 - Rainbow Dash by selinmarsou

All payments must be made in full before I start doing your pictures.
Please send me a private note  if you are interested in commissioning me  :3


1 -  Valerie-Fire-Blossom
2 -  MarchenHope
3 -  JeweledFaith
4 -  Pweety-Kitty
5 -  claptwotimes

Which Sailor Senshi are you?

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 10, 2013, 9:15 AM
Sailor Moon

[] You're a Cancer.
[] You're really quite short for your age.
[] You are a hyperactive person.
[] Your weakness is cute boys/girls & junk food.
[] You're very emotional & always seem to be crying over something.
[] You have a black cat.
[x] You hate school, & your least favorite subject is math.
[] You always seem to be late.
[/] You can be kind & loving, but you are very jealous.  (I'm not a jealous type)
[] You try to do good.
Total: 1.5

Sailor Chibi Moon

[] You have/had pink (in your) hair.
[x] Your hobbies are painting/drawing.
[] You have a total sweet tooth.
[] Your favorite colors would be red & pink.
[/] You're typically childish & stubborn. (stubborn yeah XD childish NO)
[] But you can be selfless, kind, trusting, & wise beyond your years.
[] You make friends very easily.
[] Your mother is very childish/not mother-like.
[] You wish you were from the future.
Total: 1.5

Sailor Mercury

[] You love school & are quite good at it/You have no least favorite subject.
[] You are always stressed out.
[] You love the color aquamarine.
[] You're sign is a Virgo.
[] You have/had blue (in your) hair.
[] You are quite shy, & find it hard to make friends.
[] You are always very kind & helpful towards everyone.
[] Your favorite sport is swimming.
[] Your mom is always working.
[] You want to be a doctor/nurse when you're older.
Total: 0

Sailor Mars

[x] You have a bad temper.
[] You hate learning about more modern history
[] Your dream job is to be a singer or model.
[] You have dated someone your friend had a crush on.
[] You have a friend you're always fighting with.
[x] You can run in high heels.
[] Your favorite color is red & black.
[] You love fortune-telling.
[] You used to be a complete loner, but now you are popular.
[] Your sign is an Aries.
Total: 2

Sailor Jupiter

[x] You hate airplanes.
[] You're a tomboy, but have a girly side.
[] You've always been taking care of yourself & are independent.
[] You're very strong-willed.
[] You're a troublemaker, or so people think.
[] You're one of the tallest of your group of friends.
[] Your sign is a Sagittarius.
[] You have an ex who you're always thinking about since everything reminds you of them.
[] You have dated a lot of people.
[x] You love cooking more than anything. (Not more than anything ^^)
Total: 2

Sailor Venus

[] You have a white cat.
[] Your favorite foods are Japanese foods.
[] Your favorite colors are red & yellow.
[] You love to exercise.
[] You are very cheerful person.
[] You love singing.
[] You're good at almost any sport.
[] You're an only child.
[] Your sign is a Libra.
[] You would fake your own death.
Total: 0

Sailor Uranus

[] You have short hair, enough to be mistake for a boy.
[x] You love watching cars race or you race cars. (F1 'cause of Kimi :3)
[] Your sign is an Aquarius.
[] You're into the same sex as yourself.
[x] You're easily annoyed by people.
[] You have a very dry sense of humor.
[] You enjoy running.
[] You have a girlfriend.
[/] You love to confuse people. ( sometimes is just so funny ^^)
[] You're a huge flirt.
Total : 2.5

Sailor Neptune

[x] You're average height for your gender.
[x] You're very elegant & lady-like.
[] You are into the same sex as yourself.
[] You have a girlfriend that you just pretend is a good friend.
[] You are very selfless.
[] You're a Pisces.
[x] Your least favorite food is mushrooms. (one of them ^^)
[/] You love music more than anything. (not more than anything but I really love music)
[] You have/had green (in your) hair.
[] You can play an instrument of some sort.
Total: 3.5

Sailor Pluto

[] You're a Scorpio.
[] You want to be a fashion designer when you're older.
[] Your favorite color is dark red.
[] You drink green tea.
[x] You are not the best at playing music.
[] You are quite blunt with your statements.
[/] You enjoy sewing & cooking. (only cooking)
[x] You would be considered a loyal friend.
[] If you could have one superpower, it'd be to tell the future.
[] The bug you hate the most are cockroaches.
Total: 2.5

Sailor Saturn

[] You are by far the shortest of your group of friends.
[] Milk disgusts you.
[/] You enjoy reading more than anything. (not more than anything)
[] You hate working out because you're considered weak.
[] You're an only child.
[x] You have very few friends.
[] You're a Capricorn.
[] You're a very shy person.
[] You live with your father.
[] You care for others & appreciates sincere friendships.
Total: 1.5

Hehe yeah, I could not resist ^^ I'm Michiru (with a little Haruka! and Setsuna) according to this and yeah, out of the Senshi my personality is most like Michiru's or Makoto's.

Favourites from March

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 31, 2013, 11:09 AM
Let yourself free by amorphisss
Pixiv Fantasia NW: Levon's Home by LuluSeason Tessa by palnk Redhead by Rechka
in the clouds by KalaNemi
WP Legend of the Avatar by Artipelago
Rococo Princesses part II by TaijaVigilia
Sac de noeud Printanier by Sweet-Nature
Will you be there when my tears are coming down? by Cerraka
tummy by Apofiss :thumb361471535:
Spitfire by Dahtamnay Springtime Glory by Miguel-Santos
My Daddy, My hero by Fumuu A Victorian Spring by AlicjaRodzik
Green And Orange by My-Magic-Dream Tea-party with a wonderful view by Nayshi-Erol
04 bookmark by cantieuhy

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *

a Royal garden by selinmarsou the princess of Uranus by selinmarsou Flying High by selinmarsou

Favourites from 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 1, 2013, 12:47 PM
Bye bye 2012 and welcome brand - new 2013 year :3 Hope everyone will have an awesome year!
Here are some awesome work from the past year :heart: Enjoy!

page divider by lithiumharddrive

.: A Moments Respite by Sapphirelullaby
Take a break, Lin by kelly1412 POCAHONTAS - Colors of the Wind by DarrilAsylum Princess Jasmine by JessiBeans
English picnic by TaijaVigilia
Indomable by Arbetta Stitch I by TehChan Jack Frost by AuroraWienhold
Passage Wallpaper by trenchmaker
Where flowers bloom so does hope. by BlueColoursOfNature sailor moon serenity - the moon lights the sky by zelldinchit :thumb330544365:
Again by pt0317
Call Your Name.. by Khomenko
The Eternal Flame by Esuka
Rarity by Chio-Kami Stand Back and Watch Me Shine, Sister! by Lionel23 Picnic on the airship by Holivi
Drawing the Sky by OhNoNoel
The Moon Rises by Celebi-Yoshi Pegasi by Whitestar1802
Colorful Wings: Peacock by ZiyoLing
Butterflies -watercolors- by auroreblackcat One rose of three by GossamerWing The Maiden and the Snow White Bear by DimitriKJr

page divider by lithiumharddrive

Santa's little helpers by selinmarsou the Wild Swans by selinmarsou She - digital version - by selinmarsou

"Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits."

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