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Happy Halloween!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2015, 1:34 AM
Halloween 2012 by UnidColorThey're coming to get you, Fluttershy! by PixelKitties  
HALLOWEEN GIRLS by krsnprpr 
Pumpkins by MaryIL [KH] Happy Halloween! by Megu-H +All Hollow's Moon+ by larienne MLP: Happy Nightmare Night! by kiriche 

Happy Nightmare Night 2/2 by Koveliana 
Halloween 2012 by jcbarquet Pumkin Convention Book by Naschi Mouse Party for Halloween by ChuckRondeau 
Halloween2015 by LadyOwl Graveyard3 by AlexandrescuPaul 
Halloween by Umintsu 
Jack by Jeniak
🌟🎃🌟 Happy Halloween ! 🌟🎃🌟

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Friend in Need!

Sun Oct 4, 2015, 11:58 PM

Hello my dear friends, how are you? Hope everyone had a great weekend! My friend SummersWorld needs help! Check out her MLP commission here: Blerg Ponies commissions

Blerg Ponies - Fluttershy by SummersWorld Blerg Ponies - Twilight by SummersWorld Blerg Ponies - Rarity by SummersWorld 

They are cute, aren't they? ^^ ♥❤♥

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2015 Summer feature

Sat Sep 5, 2015, 9:53 AM

Sun by Jeniak Mulan by Nummyumy Violet Field by Merkulov #5 by FrancescaDelfino Magical World by m-eralp 
The Allotment Deli by Kezzi-Rose 
Sunlight comes by AuroraWienhold comm:: Sailor Moon R by Axsens Sailor moon by moai87 The Chosen One by DarkFlame75 
Lights by Arlequinne Custom Birdfolk home for Rexcorvis by Forged-Artifacts 

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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 9:59 AM

  1. 1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?

  2. Since 2009 August 30, 5 great years.

  3. 2.What does your username mean?

  4. At the moment my username is my original character's name (but I'll change it to my artist name in the near future)

  5. 3.Describe yourself in three words.

  6. Free-spirited, creative and stubborn

  7. 4.Are you left or right handed?

  8. Right

  9. 5.What was your first deviation?

  10. I think it was a traditional drawing, maybe a Candy Candy or Sailor Moon one. But my first digital drawing was an Amy Rose one.

  11. 6.What is your favourite type of art to create?

Bright, clean and "movie or manga" accurate artworks. I like to keep the original style of a character. And my always used file format is the .png! I just love the quality of this file format.

  1. 7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

  2. Traditional watercolors, please!

  3. 8.What was your first favourite?

  4. Mermaid is taking a nap by efira-japan

  5. 9.What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

  6. I really love the unique and high quality artworks. I also favorite things that I would not be able to do XD

  7. 10.Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

  8. Huh, hard one.... but maybe, TaijaVigilia , she has a very unique and inspiring art style.

  9. 11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

  10. I'd like to meet a lot of users, seriously I can't name just one!!

  11. 12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

  12. Fashionista122's lovely comments always make my day brighter!

  13. 13.What are your preferred tools to create art?

  14. My Wacom tablet, Gimp and Paint Tool Sai.

  15. 14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

  16. My cozy room <333 

  17. 15.What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

  18. When I won my first contest, that was pretty special <33 I was super happy!


  1. Happy Birthday dA ! :heart:

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Commissions collection

Sat Jul 18, 2015, 12:10 PM

Hope everyone have a great weekend :heart:
First of all I'd like to thank everyone who commissioned me :heart: You guys are really the best, I loved working on every piece, so much fun with different ponies and dresses and designs ^^

And don't worry, if you would like to commission me in the future there will be a new chance around September. Commissions will be open again soon!
Thank you again and have a great summer everyone :heart:

May Festival Ponies:
Commission - May Festival Dove Flower by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival Ebony Smith by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival Sunnyside by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival Eliyora by selinmarsou 
Commission - May Festival Precious Metal by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival River Pond by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival Aria by selinmarsou 
Gala Ponies:
Commission - Gala Outfit for Blayze by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Outift for Strong Hammer by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Outfit for Cloud Zapper by selinmarsou 
Commission - Gala Gown for Starstruck by selinmarsouCommission - Gala Gown for Poniko by selinmarsouCommission - Gala Outfit for Marker Pace by selinmarsou

Commission - Gala Gown for Aurora by selinmarsouCommission - Gala Gown for Trixie by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Outfit for Fire Strike by selinmarsou 

Commission - Gala Gown for Healing Light by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Eliyora by selinmarsouCommission - Gala Dress for Carmela by selinmarsou 
Commission - Gala Dress for Moonlight Silk by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Amour Couture by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Frostburn by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Fleur De Lis by selinmarsou
Commission - Gala Dress for Mrs.Cake by selinmarsou Commission - Nivena Lunaires by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Pyra Blaze by selinmarsou
 Commission - Gala Dress for Charger by selinmarsouCommission - Gala Dress for Heaven by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Quincy by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Precious Metal by selinmarsou 
Ponies together:
Commission - Shadow Phil and Nightdancer by selinmarsou Commission - Megaphoric and JoaftheLoaf by selinmarsou Commission - Cloud Zapper and Caramel Cloud by selinmarsou
Commission - Twilight Sparkle and Bridle Timeout by selinmarsou Commission - Together to the Gala by selinmarsou Commission - Belfry Brewery and Domino by selinmarsou
Commission - Flowing Rose And Turtle Flare by selinmarsou Commission - Cloudchaser and Neo by selinmarsou Commission - Prince Valor and Princess Sparkles by selinmarsou
Commission - Blayze and Twilight Sparkle by selinmarsou

Omg, so many Ponies :D :heart:

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Honey Lemon in MLP ?

Sat Jul 4, 2015, 11:25 AM

Is it me or this pony looks exactly like Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6?
Imh001 by selinmarsou

Probably just me XD But seriously, her colors, her hair style, the pink glasses the color of her eyes and even her cutie mark is resemble to her ^^ Funny!
By the way, I liked this new episode, it was nice to see Moondancer, I imagined a different pony when I saw the 1st episode.

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Big Birthday Feature!

Sun Jun 14, 2015, 8:40 AM

Sonamy - 40's dance + SpeedPaint by SweetSilvy Violin by MelodySArtist 

afternoon nap by thasbrony The Earth Element by Ameryliz
Once Upon a Time... by JaDeDJynX Dream Walker Luna by Neko-kun67 The Wrath of the Sun by CarrToona
 Lemon Tree 2 by NoxMint Suddenly, Mudkip. by ILAMD
 AT Rapunzel and Elsa by A-KTheLittleFairy CM- Royal Meeting by LilacPhoenix Le Fin - Audrey Hepburn by BloodyMenace87
Loki by Eldr-Fire Misty's New Look by TheMistyPhantom 
Magic Fantastic by RileyAV Names Victor by JeweledFaithHelen's Melody by KazenoShun  The Nightmare Before Pokemon by HarleyMoon9692  Inari: Eat your Hearts Out by KizunaYui-Studios Northwest Mansion Noir by Aeveternal
 The Station of Wishing by samiikinns  Sally's Scream - Updated! by casshimee
Mane 6 Looking At Us or You by TomFraggle MLP - The Party Trio by iTiffanyBlue  Lamia Nature Goddess by Ai-Don It's So Fluffy!!! by ElectricPoodle I'd like to thank you everyone the lovely Birthday wishes :heart: Really meant a lot to me!! 
Here are some lovely work from my dear watchers and friends, support these great artist with some love :hug: Hope everyone will have a wonderful summer!!!

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Here are the prices:

:bulletblue: Pony OC in a Gala Gown (only mare, full color) around 25 $
Commission - Gala Dress for Heaven by selinmarsou  Commission - Gala Dress for Fleur De Lis by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Amour Couture by selinmarsou Commission - Gala Dress for Eliyora by selinmarsou
:bulletblue: Pony OC as a May Festival Pony (only mare, full color) around 25 $
Commission - May Festival Eliyora by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival Sunnyside by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival Aria by selinmarsou Commission - May Festival Dove Flower by selinmarsou
:bulletblue: Pony OC + a canon Pony or OC+OC (no background, or a minimal one, no outfit, the whole piece is in full color and it can be a stallion OC too) 35 $
 Commission - Blayze and Twilight Sparkle by selinmarsouCommission - Prince Valor and Princess Sparkles by selinmarsou Commission - Cloudchaser and Neo by selinmarsou 
All payments must be made in full before I start doing your pictures. Money is sent by Paypal .Send payment within 3 days of me accepting the order or else I will delete your order. Works in progress (WIPs) are sent by request, tell me in your private note if you need one. No refunds, if I have started on the order or after I completed it. And I will not redraw orders.Commissioned pieces are for private use only by the commissioner,you can edit it but you can't use it for any profitCommissioners are also allowed to upload the art where they wish, provided my signature is not removed and a link is provided back to my main dA page selinmarsou or the page of the original upload or credit as selinmarsou @ deviantart.
Please send me a private note if you are interested in commissioning me :3

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Merry Christmas for Everyone

Thu Dec 25, 2014, 7:20 AM
Hello dears,
Hope everyone have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas time <33 And can spend a lots of time with friends and family! :xmas:
I have a great time, finally I got some free days from work so I can draw :la: I'd like to finish a Jasmine fanart and then I'll do my New Year artwork :33 

"You will get a sentimental

Feeling when you hear
Voices singing let's be jolly,
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Rocking around the Christmas tree,
Have a happy holiday
Everyone dancing merrily

In the new old-fashioned way."

Now some lovely Holiday fanart and artwork!


Can't wait for christmas by RockingNeverland  
Ginger cookie by Astral--Romance 
waiting for Christmas by Thunderi Gift Giving... by tummy31 Holidays by MirageGourmand Merry Christmas II by harlyharlekin Just Christmas by Alessia-Izzo 
christmas is coming by elalma 
Sweet Heart by M-0-N-0
christmasID by cloe-patra
 That time of year by cloduy Winter little animals by OlesyaGavr  
Xmas '13 by andokadesbois
 X-mas by Xenys Santa's Little Helper by nancekievill 
Small treasures by joiedevivre89

Christmas Snow Globe by selinmarsou 

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LOK season finals - spoilers -

Fri Dec 19, 2014, 3:41 AM

Hi,hi sweeties <33
Hows everyone?
I just have to write about this 'cause it's driving me nuts XD Seriously, I loved Book 4 pretty much, by far my favorite Book but now..... I love it even more! The final two episodes were perfect, I loved every minutes of them(especially the minutes with Bolin <33)....except for like 2 minutes at the end of ep. 13..... well yeah, I'm kind of old-fashioned and I really do not understand where it came from?!  I do not really liked Mako & Korra together and I never shipped her with anyone else, I just don't cared about romance in LOK, and now they did something like this??!! I know that they have to respect the fans but I think this is a little too much.  Asami & Korra basically hated each other during Book 1 and Book 2, and they were not too close in Book 3 either, except for the last 2 minutes in ep. 13.  So, I really do not understand their "relationship" now, or maybe I'm wrong and they're just best of best friends now XD But I don't think so XD Sorry, for the rant, I usually do not write journals like this, but my life is a Xmas-mess right now and  this day is the worst in my life, seriously I have to go to work now and then can't wait to sleep finally XDD I still have to work on a bigger Xmas fanart :33 And I have to buy gifts!! And baking cookies and meeting with family members and friends.... just wish me luck <33 Have a great day sweeties <333
P.S. sorry for the grammar mistakes!

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Happy Halloween

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 11:56 AM
Halloween by UszatyArbuz Sweet Halloween by Blavatskaya 
Halloween by bluekomadori 
Crazy by rosaarvensis ~ The Witching Hour ~ by blaithiel keep the lights on by Apofiss
The Nightmare Before Christmas by AuroraWienhold 
Halloween 3 by godohelp  
Candy Tooth Toothless by TsaoShin
Happy Halloween :3

DP - Halloween Party by selinmarsou

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Image from
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My dA story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 6:34 AM

It's deviantART's 14th birthday!! Happy Birthday :heart: 

I guess it was destiny 'cause I found dA accidentally, I Googled fanarts of Disney Princesses and I found this adorable picture:
Hello by anry This was around 2006, I occasionally visited the website then. I saw a lots of gorgeous fanarts / arts and all of them was so inspiring for me. But I only joined in 2009. Yeah, strange but I really do not feel myself ready for being a Deviant.  There were a lots of great artist around here and I just feel not good enough.  I guess, I was afraid of the site, comments, people's opinion here.
But eventually I just recognised that this is a really helpful, nice and inspiring community. These works definitely gave me courage to join finally:
fly with me by briannacherrygarcia Mermaid in Parchment by mree Ariel - flower by Katikut Sailor Pluto by SelenaAngel 
CANDY TERRY by Coqueluche-05 Sonic is afraid by ManueC Inuyasha in TotD for Urd-chan by EugeneCh 
So I joined.
These were also my first favorites, unique, professional works. And I just decided that I'll be a good artist someday too.  I was so happy when I got my first watch and favorites and comments ^^ I was glad that people here like my works.
Here is some of my very first deviations from 2009 August - September and my latest ones from 2014 July - August :
      ~  Egyptian Selin by selinmarsou May Festival Pony - Twilight Sparkle by selinmarsou Manga coloring - Golden Days by selinmarsou 
So, yeah...I learned a lot of things in these years. I found great artists to watch, tutorials, textures and brushes here, so I could finally draw with Gimp. 
And now most of my works created in Gimp, thought I still love to do traditional works too. 
Here are some artworks from my personal favorites:
P E T A L S by selinmarsou May Festival Pony - Luna by selinmarsou 
s e r e n i t y - wallpaper by selinmarsou And the most greatest thing in dA, that I could find good friends. Wonderful to meet with somebody who's also shares the same interests than yourself ^^

Follow me on Tumblr !

Sun Aug 3, 2014, 8:13 AM

Hi dears, finally I made a tumblr blog for myself ^^ Hopefully I can manage both my dA and my Tumblr  successfully in the future :D :heart:
On my blog, will be arts too but mostly movie edits, wallpapers, icons,photosets like from Disney, HTTYD, Sailor Moon etc.
Follow me if you want ^^ La Vie En Rose
Have a nice weekend !!  :heart:

Summer Feature

Sat Jul 26, 2014, 2:09 AM

Favorite Artworks

Flowering Italy by rooze23 
Smile for me by AuroraWienhold 
Enjoy the summertime by AuroraWienhold Springtime in the forest by Kasia1989 Dao Tinh by cantieuhy Hmong Child 2 by cantieuhy


Gifts of Summer by Jedi-Dame Butterfly meadow I by rosaarvensis Raspberry Macarons by Beloved-chan poppies by Adeuh 
take a deep breath by Lisa-Schneider 
Strawberry Basket by Sarah-BK 

Sonic the Hedgehog

sonic0508 by aoki6311 Reunion by aoki6311 Sonic CD Contest Winner - When You Use Your Mind by ellavega Cosmo and Tails: New world. by Cheroy 

Sonamy by Hanybe 
Sonic Blue Blur by RhythmAx 
Disney Artworks

Agrabah by TamplierPainter 

Mary Poppins Carousel by Chiara-Maria

 Ohana by HollyBell 
Talespin: Kit by Neutral-Demon  
<da:thumb id="339474825"/> rosetta by briannacherrygarcia Peter Pan and Tigerlily by Pocketowl Forget-Me-Not by littlepolka

My Little Pony FIM

Lady, Princess, Goddess. by CherryVioletS In the rain. by InkyTophat MLP Fluttershy by AquaGalaxy summer stay by Syntactics Peace by Nati789 Fluttershy by aruurara Pinkie Up by Inkfall 

How to Train your Dragon

Viking Love by polkapills 
We'll be Free by napallama HTTYD by Umintsu Toothless-HTTYD by lunakidz Dregens by kowan 


wonderful bride by MarionetteTheatre I want adventure in the great wide somewhere by Ryoko-demon Waiting for Endymion by vani Printsess by foux86 Ariel: The Little Mermaid 1 by Cheza-Flower Aang, Katara, Zuko,Toph - Avatar by TophWei Sakura-hime. by Chrome-sensei

How is the heart beats by HesokaAngel 
Sunny Day by Mitsuno-Queen-Sonoko Sailor Mars ll by foux86 Jasmine Jewels by VampireIonFortuna Pond by gattomannaro candy flowers by Lilian-hime 
One love that has possessed me by ki-ri-ka 
Personal favorites from my Gallery

Lady Annie by selinmarsou Manga coloring - Golden Days by selinmarsou Vintage Princess  Aurora by selinmarsou May Festival Pony - Twilight Sparkle by selinmarsou


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Sailor Moon Crystal

Sat Jul 5, 2014, 10:53 AM

 I just saw it, one word disappointing. At least for me, you do not have to kill me if you have different opinion XD
Well, I do not really understand why they spent money for this. The animation was pretty lame, plain and 
 irreconcilable sometimes. But seriously, what about with the anatomy ? What happened ex. with their hands ? And faces ? Usagi's design (and everyone else's ) looks creepy. She is pretty in the manga, well she isn't in this new anime. And those empty eyes, for me their eyes are the most annoying. Usagi has gorgeous eyes, full with life on Miss Naoko's artworks. But the most disappointing scenes were her transformation. 3D, CGI or what was that  technique ?  Even the original transformation scenes looked better from 1992 XDD 
Thought the backgrounds and colors are pretty nice in it. But over all the whole thing has this cheap feeling, and if someone will say "that's 'cause it's in the manga's design" then I'll scream XD. It's nothing to do with the manga, especially not it's style. It's looks completely different from the manga ! Just see it: !
 And then I still did not say a word about the new opening music, it was unmemorable and weak. Why didn't they just keep the Moonlight Densetsu ? Someone could re-sing it and that's all. I do not like this song, but the ending song was nice. And the stills between the commercials are great too ^^ Oh, and they messed the color of Luna's eyes again XD She originally has blue eyes !

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Friend in need

Sun Jun 29, 2014, 10:31 AM

Hello guys, quick announcement RikkiArosa is opened a commission, if you have time, money and an idea for a picture check her commission infos and her gallery ^^ 
Have a nice Sunday afternoon :heart:

♥ ♥ 

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Sun Jun 22, 2014, 3:46 AM

Omg, I saw the How to train your dragon 2 movie :33 And it was so amazing ! ! If you did not see it yet then go ahead, such an amazing movie ! (thought not as amazing as the first one was, but still pretty great ! <3 ) I loved the animation and the score, if this movie won't win and Oscar then I'll be pretty mad XD There were a lot of parallels in it, and their personalities are close to the first movie and the series. You can recognize everyone through their personalities and I loved this :3
But for me the music was the most beautiful, John Powell did an awesome job ! And Jónsi's Where no one goes is great too! :heart: Now I can't wait to see the 3rd movie XDD

Here is some awesome fanart !

♥ ♥ 

Sunshine and Dragons by Dreamsoffools 
Digital Painting - Through All My Sorrow (HTTYD 2) by Aty-S-Behsam 
Cloudjumper and Toothless by Lichtdrache 
Astrid by sheepSkeleton 
"Braver then 'Brave' , more fun than 'Frozen' . The mother of all animated sequels." 
~ Peter Debruge, Variety

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Birthday Wishes

Sat Jun 14, 2014, 11:16 AM

Hi, finally I'm at home again :3 I had a lots of work during this week but know I'll have some free time for drawing again ! Yaay XD First of all I'd like to thank you for all the adorable Birthday Wishes <3 You guys are really awesome ! ! Thank you so so much :heart:

Thank you for the awesome presents !

Birthday Luna by CatsCat112 Happy Birthday Tiffany by WilliamJCovello 

Mature Content

Birthday Card for Selinmarsou by Sailmaster-Seion

Here is a little feature 'cause I really really grateful :3

The Best Friends by Fluttershy1982 Flowers by witchhunttress purple and yellow by Abbiee1211 

Snow White: Fairy of the Apple Blossom by teamleochibigirl MLP:FIM OC - Mystic Magic. Uncolored by Yukina-Snowbunny Amaryllis by emitis17 My Bow by Marikokitty
Azure Glass by Lakword Maleficent by OpalPastal Scarlette McNeile by TheQueenOfFairies Disney gals by salemcattish

The Lady Cameo by Ailill90 Sparkles by NightmareLunaFan Sonic and Amy - paper style by JacobMainland Meet Rarity by Gamerpen

Steampunk pony - CLOSED! by XMireille-chanX Sweet Pup by Real-BlackStar <da:thumb id="454430780"/> Balloons by Beatena Mulan in magnolia dress by A-KTheLittleFairy
The Green Ranger meets Pinkie Pie... Kinda by VoltronZ1 After the fight by Corimii Pinkie Rainbow by SwanLullaby Frozen Chibis by Princess-Estrella

Flopsy Cheetah by WilliamJCovello Peachy Blu Love by BluTiger07 Midnight Breeze - Hugs? by VickyCupcake Rainbow Power Jade by Thunderhawk03 Faraway Mysteries by TwilightIsMagic
Flower-Lilly by AnneMarie1986  Lady Serenity by Narusailor <da:thumb id="459191692"/> <da:thumb id="396495655"/> Apprehensive Ariel by DazedDaisiesO-o 

LOTTIE by kisshulove9 Purple Hued Horse With Rainbow Swirl Thingies by twilightsparkle09012 Kingdom Valley Slice! by NitroDragonTrigger More Like a Sister ((For Dani)) by WottaGal0505

Frozen signature by Paulysa Sunrise by ColorCoatedArt You'll Play Your Part by DigitalCyn

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Happy Easter :3

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 12:22 AM

1 by Xenys
The Ever Young by EKukanova

Scarlet Carpet by rsharts
Rabbit's Garden by bridge-troll
Family by ApplePoo Spring melody... by O-l-i-v-i Belle with Roses by AlineMendes 
Chocolate Nibbles by parochena Teacup Bunny by parochena 
Cute Bunny :3 by Ipun 
Photo Oppotunity! by raseinn 
Spring! by marezon-m 
Bambi and Thumper Coloring Page by MistyTang 
Tulips by PassionAndTheCamera someday... by justerZ 
Safe with mama by Morgan-Lou little wild duck ''Ida'' by Partridge-PetPics 
Little Wonders... by CigarsCigarettes 
Awaiting Spring by CigarsCigarettes 
Bunny ... by aoao2 

Bunny in a basket by aoao2 
" Wishing you joy, happiness, peace and love this Easter and hereafter!"
Happy Easter for Everyone! :3

♥ ♥ 

Easter ponies by selinmarsou 

Help Please :3

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 9:33 AM

I would love to see these new SM manga covers in HQ!!…

Especially that Serenity&Endymion one :333 Looks so gorgeous!! Please help <33